>> there are still several areas of standing water with iridescent chemicals on them, thousands of feet of oil covid rocks against the tracks. tonight the father of the, 14-year-old girl, adriana kusch beset for the first time on cross country. side effects may not appear for several weeks. the bottom line from what joe is talking about, trump is on the mind of the democrat and left-wing media. maybe you want to ask about that and why he hasn't visited, nor has his vice president. Earhardt joined Fox & Friends on February 29, 2016. residents begging for help ever since and yesterday biden administration official telling fox news digital fema doesn't, respond to these disasters, the official same boat but these policy needs is more expensive than what fema can provide. >> i've been going since the seventh grade. Fox News confirmed to Mediaite that Saturday's four panelists will return to helm The Big Sunday Show. >> it's important to note this dad although he has legal representation, he's not filed a lawsuit yet. look at $861 million toward those countries in central america, it would have been nice perhaps is if the vice president in charge of border actually went down and met with the leaders of those countries to talk about this in terms of what. next. >> mr. president. that doesn't for us producing back here tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. eastern or the big sunday show. 'The Big Saturday Show' co-hosts examine the evidence after the Idaho murders suspect was arrested in killings of four college students. this is a sign gen z needs to toughen up. next, fauci under fire. they make money quickly but not everybody will be able to. i'm glad you brought up parents because i think there are a lot of parents watching that are concerned. The Big Saturday Show (2021- ) Full Cast & Crew See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro Series Writing Credits Series Cast Series Produced by Series Music Department Gilde Flores . >> every part of the story is hard to follow and watch, phenomenal interview, lawrence. >> you raise mayor pete, ten days to respond to this. we know people who got sick there, scientists got sick there and we know they were doing this research essentially taking the virus is making them more contagious and more lethal, we know that could be true. it bothers me more than anything else, joe biden is an anti- suit, taking marching orders from the progressive left, the squad. joe biden and pete buttigieg have never ridden a bus. 'The Big Saturday Show' co-hosts discuss the constitutionality of President Biden's student loan forgiveness plan as the Supreme Court decides on the case. especially big cities like new york or really anywhere. doctor nicole and leo terrel. Aired 2-12-23 Sunday, February 5 >> i don't think so. it's simple. i will say this, what frustrates me as we got done earlier talking about a segment on mental health and bullying and true mental health issues young people are facing so it bothers me when young people who are, lazy say they have mental health issues not wanting to go to w work, a mental health issue, if you being lazy. TOPIC FREQUENCY when i was raised i was told son, starvation will be a great motivator, work through your problems. >> you have the epa administrator michael saying trust the government and how could anyone trust the, government? on the Internet. This material may be protected by copyright law (Title 17 U.S. Code). you think there will be an end to this investigation? i do not know what you do after that point i guess i go out to pasture. whatever but if you're not wearing a mask, you will be escorted off. alicia: how about that budget getting released late in the day on friday, just as folks are heading out onto the road getting on lanes, it's a holiday weekend. Biden administration 'needs a strategy' to stop fentanyl crisis: Chad Wolf, Kevin Maginnis claims he will lose weight on a McDonald's diet, 'Disparity' in Biden admins dispensing of justice is appalling: Matt Keelen, Biden administration mishandles national security, emboldens China: Fred Fleitz, NFL prospect Jalen Carter charged with reckless driving, drag racing charges after fatal crash, The jury did not buy Alex Murdaughs lies: Griff Jenkins, Florists share tips and tricks on how to make floral arrangements, Consumer resilience to Fed rate hikes, inflation is confounding: Mitch Roschelle, China behaving poorly across the world is concerning: Rep. Chrissy Houlahan, 2024 GOP nomination will be a race of records, less of personalities: Phil Wegmann, US southern border remains an unmitigated disaster: Sen. John Thune, Pro-life OB-GYN Dr. Christina Francis sounds off on controversial ban from medical conference: Its very disappointing, GOP releases plan to enact parents Bill of Rights, Biden will be in a 'real political vice' if he chooses to veto COVID-19 bill: Sen. Mike Braun, The Big Saturday Show - Saturday, February 25, The Big Saturday Show - Saturday, February 18, The Big Saturday Show - Saturday, February 11, The Big Saturday Show - Saturday, February 4. lisa, i have a grand getting off to college and i'm not happy to hear this. that was the test to see what we might be willing to tolerate when they get us to the negotiating table. i did not know she was hit in the face with a bottle. joe, he has a first amendment right of free speech but also a first amendment right of religion, does a constitutional right so you think he's on state grounds to challenge the suspension? you can check in on your home. #foxnews . >> my big question, how much can we realistically find out now as an investigative body from the biden administration that's been closed to get the former president any credit for anything he says or any actions the administration took in regard to the buyers and earlier today i was interviewing senator roger marshall from kansas and he brought up some good points, even if we do decide to move forward on the investigative movement, whose to say there's anything left to investigate, that hasn't already been when you look at data, evidence or people? here's what's on kat tonight. on February 18, 2023, hello, everyone. >> i hope they do, i hope the american public are aware of what's going on but i do think the elections have changed with mail and voting, it's not a fair election, the republicans and drink with our arms behind our back particularly when you look at the media machine. >> i and going home scared and i'm going home. roughly 1000 cases a year of a train derailment. the environmental concerns, i don't see a thunberg or al gore or john kerry there. this has not been cleaned up properly putting profit over safety. The Big Saturday Show Self - Co-Host TV Series 2021-2022 11 episodes The Ingraham Angle Self - Correspondent TV Series 2022 1 episode Fox and Friends Self - Fox News Correspondent TV Series 2019-2022 29 episodes Fox and Friends Weekend Self - Congressional Correspondent TV Series 2022 1 episode Outnumbered Self - Correspondent so we are doomed. The plan appears to be to rotate the cast each week. Dominion's latest filing argues that privately, Fox News hosts admitted that the allegations of election fraud being floated by Trump allies were baseless, but they kept airing them, in part. absolutely. >> so it's a real thing. report fever, stiff muscles or confusion which may mean a life-threatening reaction, or uncontrollable muscle movements which may be permanent. president trump was trying to pull back to hold them accountable for a lot of the mishaps and echoing misinformation coming out of china. nicole, you see a problem with this teacher expressing an opinion at the school board meeting and subsequently getting suspended? google it, google it. >> even pilot. however, the problem the things the candidate and president said on the campaign trail, i think it's in combat with any money that could be defense in these countries. Panelists Lawrence Jones, Lisa Boothe, Sean Duffy and Gillian Turner discuss the big news of the day. the solutions could possibly be, why is the money being spent? allysia, are you aware of civilized societies that allow individuals to commit crimes? ask your health care provider how it can help you get in yours. New Episode Saturday | 2:00 PM. >> leo. >> i'm going to conform here because it seems like obvious answers at this point are you >> no group thinking. The big news of the day is presented in an entertaining and fun way by four people.The big news of the day is presented in an entertaining and fun way by four people.The big news of the day is presented in an entertaining and fun way by four people. Panelists Lawrence Jones, Lisa Boothe, Sean Duffy and Gillian Turner discuss the big news of the day. are you kidding me? >> so who had a good data colin who had a bad day? Glynnis MacNicol. >> the congressman from that area bill johnson waited about fema's lack of response. This video is playing in picture-in-picture. >> evidence says doctor fauci descending gain of function, research and former secretary of state pompeo is attacking biden for essentially ignoring the origin of the coronavirus until now. on May 29, 2021, ers! >> and going back to the, beginning, people were talking about the origins of the virus but obviously there is clear evidence that was covered up from the chinese communist party in terms of cases, hospitalizations and deaths and now there's more evidence that may have been coverups regarding the possibility of a lack origin. how about the prices at the southern border? the people saying i'm going to believe what i see with my own eyes, i will trust common sense, and my instincts and not the government. Mark Halperin, previously an influential Beltway political pundit at MSNBC and Bloomberg before an alleged history of sexual misconduct was revealed in 2017, has been utilized by the network to run. our picks for biggest veils of the week i'll go first. Plus, Chief and Eagle fans express their excitement before Super Bowl's kickoff. alicia: nicole, i'm sure you have a host of questions for the. You can check out current and future shows and select programs to. what is your thoughts? ask about vraylar and learn how abbvie could help you save. at least lie to us and say we do. a secure border, local unemployment, we have buyers remorse right now. not only do we have the frustrations of air travel, we have safety issues that are of concern, train drama that's a big problem in ohio but also the incursions on the runway of 75% in the same time. >> that's classic foot and mouth disease but really stepped digit on that what i wonder real quickly, lisa, quick thanks for not going to me. have done differently given the opportunity looking back in hindsight? abu deraa drill,